The translation of tourist texts as specialization

Do you notice in the worst examples of mistranslations almost always found in tourist texts?

A strange cap on the menu, a slightly unfortunate poster, a brochure too peculiar, etc. Go chance.

The funny thing is that, at times, is taken for granted that the translation of tourist texts is much easier than it seems. Although think so is a big mistake.

Everything has a reason. Tourism is the economic engine of many countries and does not seem that this sector will fail to grow.

Until it collides with their biggest barrier: the language.

Surely all are now even planning our next holiday because travel is something anyone is fond of. We’ve all been tourists ever and therefore know how important that is to feel at home even when you are traveling abroad.

And that only happens when a country receives tourists in their own language.

Translation is the perfect output which has tourism to cross borders and increase their market. Precisely for this reason, the translation is vital for the tourism of any country.

So, if you are thinking to specialize in tourist translation, take paper and pen. You’ll need to remember everything you are going to tell you today about them.

Do we start? Come, let’s look at the reasons why the tourist translation is so important.